Betolar has the know-how to turn different waste streams from the energy, mining, steel and forestry industry into low carbon, geopolymer-based construction materials. These materials are known to perform as well or even better than conventional Portland cement-based concrete. They have been highly researched and already used in ancient Roman and Egyptian buildings. What makes us even more unique is that we use advanced analytics to maintain high-quality control of our materials.

Betolar also enables a way to utilize the rapidly growing waste sites and accelerates the transition towards sustainable construction and a circular economy.

Business model.

Betolar operates on a licensing based model. The licensed solution includes the recipe and production management system and the Betolar® trademark. A crucial element in our business is the recipe optimization system that is based on advanced analytics. This way, we can maintain a high quality control over our products.

In its home market, Betolar actively develops applications for geopolymer material and uses this know-how when working through partners in other markets.

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