Betolar brings together a dynamic team of individuals, each providing their particular expertise and integral role in the company:

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Key People. 

Matti Löppönen


Matti has over 20 years of experience as a senior manager and an entrepreneur in corporate banking, law, food and construction industries. As a CEO Matti seeks to support our team, partners and customers in creating solutions that move the world towards sustainable construction and a circular economy.
(+358) 50 3066 335

Juha Leppänen

CTO & Founder

As the founder of Betolar, Juha has deep expertise in industrial production processes and over 18 years of entrepreneurial experience in multiple fields.
(+358) 40 5444861

Maria Korppi

Scientific Director

Maria has a broad international background in experimental physics both in academia and within the industry. She has also experience in commercializing technological innovations and scaling-up businesses. At Betolar, she is our expert in materials research and technological application development.
(+358) 44 953 16 48

Mirja Piispanen

Chief Scientist

Completed a PhD in inorganic chemistry and having an extensive research background regarding geopolymers, Mirja is the key contributor to Betolar’s R&D in recipe formulation to seek out the highest quality solutions for our partners and customers.
(+358) 50 300 44 02

Tarja Niemelin

Product Development Manager

Tarja has strong expertise in circular economy. More specifically, she is well acquainted with waste and industrial by-product utilisation in infra construction projects, as well as CO2 and LCA calculations. At Betolar, Tarja works in our R&D projects.
(+358) 40 687 7809


Green Building Technologies Oy

Janne Rauramo

Managing Director

Janne is a business professional specialized in Asset Management, Corporate Law and Coaching. At Betolar, Janne is the key person leading the landscaping business segment.
(+358) 50 475 4900

Matias Heinänen

Key Account Manager

Matias is a passionate business developer and has an extensive background in accounting. At Betolar, he is the go-to person when it comes to piloting, production or customerships of the landscaping business
(+358) 45 2633848


Lasse Happonen

Managing Director

Lasse has an extensive business management background from the concrete element industry. He is leading the business development and commercialisation of Betolar’s element and building solutions.
(+358) 405516040

Board of Directors.

Timo Mäkelä

Timo has extensive knowledge and experience related to the transition to carbon-neutral societies and circular economy. He has served in senior management positions in the EU and other international and national institutions on environmental and sustainable development policies and finance.

Juha Pinomaa

As an executive chairman, Juha actively supports the team in expanding the business and building partnerships internationally. Juha has over 25 years of experience in international business, for instance leading Nokia’s expansion in Asia and working as the CEO of Suunto.

Raif Nisametdin

Being an entrepreneur and investor, Raif’s expertise in scaling companies in various industries, including clean tech, is a strong asset for Betolar.


Ajanta oy


Betolar is backed up by strong investors such as Ajanta. Ajanta is one of Finland’s leading family-owned investment companies and an active developer of unlisted companies in various industries.

Betolar has also angel investors that understand the field and provide strategic advice.